Doing TTs For Real

Man I hate(d) Time Trials, I’d do anything at all to get out of doing them.  It was a little confusing because I can TT up a hill pretty well and I’m kind of fast at riding a pursuit bike around a track for 5 minutes so the overlap should be somewhere in the realm of a road time trial.  Because going to London for the Paralympic Games now requires me to beat a lot of people in a Time Trial in June at Road Nats I figured I’d quit hating the discipline and figure out how to go fast.  I also have a high placing at the Tour of the Gila GC as a goal so limiting my losses in the TT will be a big deal.  One of my big issues was discomfort, my bike never felt right on my naughty bits or on my upper body.  I finally caved and got one of those ridiculous split-nose saddles.

I know, it looks silly.

But it works!  It feels very natural in the aerobars, it also feels powerful by letting me get rotated forward enough to drive through the pedal stroke.  The down-side is that I can’t ride the thing for longer than 10 minutes on the bullhorns because of the width of the nose but that’s not much of a concern to me.

The next change was the aerobars, I had tried to force myself into some very agressive and sometimes narrow positions.  It looked good to the eyeball wind tunnel but I ended up in positions I couldn’t ride in or produce power in.  I thought about my go-to road bike TT  position which is the hands-over-hoods/sphinx position.

Boasson Hagen, 2011 Tour of Oman TT

Instead of trying to get my hands really narrow I rotated the extensions so my hands are more in line with my elbows.  This feels a lot better and gives me more stability in the bars which means I can spend more time in them being more aero.  The current position looks like this, I’d say it’s 90% at this point with some contact point adjustment and attention to aero details needed.

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