Track Worlds

Track Worlds more or less saw me stagnate in relation to Track Nats which means I don’t want to talk about it, but I suppose you learn more missing the mark.  This is my bread-and-butter event, or it should have been.  In particular, I bombed out of the Individual Pursuit, my race.  8th: I never found my rythme, something I have done in numerous training session.  My teammates say I’m like a metronome and you could set your watch to my lap splits, not on race day.  I’m fast when I ride consistent and I was not.  The Kilo saw me in 6th with a rather average ride.

The only bright spot was the Scratch race in which I finished 7th.  The placing itself wasn’t that impressive but I am pleased with how I rode (the second portion of the race).  Mass start track racing is new Paracycling with this edition being an exhibition, medals were awarded but no titles or jerseys were.  The UCI combined the C5 (arm amputees and arm impairment) and C4 (below-knee amps and hemispheric Cerebral Palsy) categories and threw 22 (24 is the max number allowed) of us on the track together.  After 4 or 5 “neutral laps” the race was finally underway.  2 groups of 3 took a lap and the first group went again.  I saw the move go and joined, it was a good move to be in as we stayed away and I rolled in 7th, first rider 1 lap down.  We put on a good show, no one died, we averaged almost 31mph so I’d say we earned more mass-start paracycling track races.

I am disappointed with the level saddle rule.  If you look at almost any rider in a time trial position they are perched on the nose of the saddle due to the saddle setback rule and cannot push back on their saddle for leverage.  The rule makes many saddles in common usage unrideable or causes the riders to ride in uncomfortable and even unhealthy positions.  It’s madness.

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