Having bid a fond farewell to Track Worlds I still have to qualify for the Paralympic Games, the goal was to wrap that up at Worlds but the goal was not achieved.  So now I get to go race a Time Trial to fight for my spot on the London team.

The plan for the season is to train for the TT and to race my bike.  I am racing a full schedule for the first time since I moved to CO and I love racing my bike!  The biggest able-body goal for the first half of the season is Tour of the Gila, the biggest, meanest amateur stage race in the US!  Paralympic Trials will be in June, those are kind of a big deal.  The Paralympic Games will be in September provided trials go well.  Most people will kick back after the games and take time off but I will continue training with the objective being the Elite Track Nats Points and Scratch races.  I’m also hoping to wiggle into the Beer City Invitational at the Asheville Mellowdrome in October if that race pans out.

All of that has to wait because I will kick off my 2012 season at the CU Boulder crit on Sunday.  First race as a big, bad Cat 3!

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