I was looking through my race results the other day and realized I had collected quite a few high finishes so I sent in my Category 3 upgrade request and it was approved,  sweet.  This is probably the most overdue move in my cycling career to this point and when I say overdue I mean that I made decisions that prolonged the process.    I’ve been a 4 since 2008, so 3 years, but road racing has been a very minor part of my racing since then.  I raced all of 2 crits, 1 road race, and 1 time trial this year, not really a great way to pad a resume.  There were reasons for my light road focus, some better than others, but unimportant at this point.

I am planning to race a more complete road schedule next year, the integration of USA Cycling and the American Cycling Association should make this a bit easier with only needing one license, knowing that points are going to count, hopefully fees are less than what ACA was charging last year ($50 for a crit), not worrying about faulty chip timing, and maybe we can convince people to travel outside of the People’s Republic of Boulder to race.

I think that a heavy road/track racing schedule will be a good training addition as I seem to thrive on racing and I think there are endurance gains to be had from racing for 1-4 hours instead of just the 20 minutes I get in a fast 10 mile scratch.

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