I came to a startling, self-depreciating realization sometime over the past day or two; my blog is boring.  The stuff I write has been better fodder for “Dear Diary” than for the masses, a few race reports and training updates does not an exciting read make.  I don’t write enough, when I do, I write too much.  I should probably be writing posts in a length such that they would be better suited for a site like Tumblr, the microblogging website and not the small child who’s parents pay too much so they can fall down on cushions.  My problem with Tumblr is that they spelled the word wrong and I just cannot bring myself to register.  If this was Twitter I would hashtag the word standards (#standards) to imply that I think I am better than a website that forgot a vowel when they registered a domain name.

All that to say that I’m going to work on being a better blogger.

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