I suppose it’s time I write a wrap up to the 2010 race season and a little about Elite Track Nationals. The writeup about Nationals isn’t going to be long. I didn’t ride any really fast times in the Individual Events; I was marginally off of all my PRs, so I wasn’t slow. I just wasn’t fast. The best thing I learned all weekend is that I know exactly what I need to do to warm up and I have figured out how to manage my nerves at a big race.  It was a good weekend and left me hungry. I will be going to Nationals next year with better prep and I will be going to ride fast. I’ll probably ride a different set of races; I have my eye on the Individual Pursuit (that I rode this year) and the Points Race as my target events, but that has to wait another year. For now I need to do start getting ready for next season and do a bit of reflecting on 2010.

2010 was a tale of two very different half-seasons. The first half lasted from February all the way through the end of June and was pretty crappy. I spent a bizarre month in Tucson living out of an extended stay hotel. I had my first taste of European road racing and spent 2 weekends getting pounded, and I missed qualifying for road Worlds by 2 places in the qualifying Time Trial. Not all was bad; I set a team record on a benchmark climb and I helped a teammate win the stage and GC on our last day in Europe.

The second half of the season was much better. I qualified for Track Worlds, won another national Paralympic title on the track, and started racing on the track regularly. I moved up to Track Cat3 and started winning, but more importantly, I started learning how to win and how to race. I upgraded to Track Cat2, and finished the year at Elite Track Nationals.

I counted up my racing for the year and realized it was a very busy year, much busier than any season to this point. I started 48 races over the course of 39 days, and racked up 7 victories.

I won’t be taking the traditional winter off-season because the UCI has moved the Paralympic Track season to the winter alongside the Elite track season. I will be training hard through the cold months and will be spending a lot of time in Los Angeles to prepare for World Champs. I like to race into shape so I will have to find some way to get the intensity I need to race to my potential.

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