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The End of a Season

Last Thursday was the last night of racing for the season at the track. I’m both happy and sad to see it go. It is definitely getting to that part of the year where the temperature is dropping and the legs are ready for one final push before shutting things down and recharging for the next year. The sad part is that I’ve made some friends I won’t see for a while, and I really do love racing and going fast.

I started my final prep for Elite Track Nats on Tuesday with a track session in the morning and a road session in the afternoon. I did the same on Wednesday and had the heavy legs to show for it on Thursday. Winning was going to take a different approach because my top end just wasn’t as high as usual. I decided my best bet was to attack often and hard to break the group up. It was good enough for 4th in the scratch race, but the Points Race was my target for the night. I don’t remember a lot of details other than the race being really hard, a lot of attacks, and being 3rd and 2nd on points ’till a little past halfway. There was a guy that I was fighting for points with the whole way, but when the dust settled I had won the race. It was the perfect way to cap off the season.

I checked my email after getting home and was greeted with the notification that my upgrade request had been accepted. I am now a Category 2 track racer. I’m realizing that the difference between a new Cat2 and a Pro or Cat1 is that I can consistently race well in a Cat3 field while they race well against professional competition. It will be a step up in terms of racing and training and it’s a challenge I am looking forward to. The best Paralympic cyclists in the world are racing professionally on Continental teams and I figure that the best way to prepare to compete against them is to race the best bike racers the local scene can throw at me. Who knows, I might try to get to some bigger regional races if Track Nats goes well.

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The End of the Winning Streak.

All good things come to an end. This time it was my winning streak, I won at least one race every week for 4 weeks. I went to the track looking to extend that to 5 last night. I started things off well by winning my heat in the Keirin. Not bad for my first race with the motorbike. I fought a little too hard for the motor in the final and rode the long way around the track. When the motor pulled off a guy came around me in turn 2 and hit my bars as he passed, I floated for a few pedal strokes before trying to get on his wheel but it was too late. 2nd.

The rest of the night was a bit of a throwaway. I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m applying for my upgrade this week, I’ve reached a point where the better racing is going to benefit me more from both a physical and eventually tactical sense. With only one night of racing left it will be good motivation to know what I need to reach for during the off-season.

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