Finding My Groove

With State Champs coming to a close I was finally able to take a break, 3 glorious days of doing nothing brought me into the next block of training. I was going to flog myself in an attempt to help the road team prepare for Worlds during their training camp. I spent the week trying to keep up with the better Time Trialists on the TT training days, and acted as a carrot on the hilly days. I want to wish all of them good luck and fast legs as they will be in Canada for the next 10 days!

My first day back in training happened to be a Thursday, and being a freshly minted Cat3 track racer, I was going to race that night without regard to the TT intervals I had done in the morning. Late afternoon rain showers scared a bunch of people so the field was small and I quickly realized I would be competing with 2 guys for the top spot throughout the night. I took 2nd in the 1Km scratch race, 2nd in the Tempo race (2 points to 1st, 1 point to 2nd on each lap), and 5th in the Handicap. There were a few errors in the handicapping, so 5th didn’t bother me. Coming into the last race, an elimination race, I knew I could win, I just needed to figure out how to win. I immediately jumped on his wheel when the guy that won the Tempo race attacked, and he wanted to sit on the front so I let him sit in the wind. I saw that the guy in 3rd place was about to make contact as we approached the final elimination; I liked my chances better against him so I soft pedaled through the last turn allowing him to catch us and avoid elimination. I let him go to the front with one to go and got the jump on the backstretch to take the win. I got my win and I used a sprint to do it. It’s nice to know I am strong enough to win with a sprint and that my arsenal is just a little bigger now.

After the previous week’s success, I went to the track last Thursday looking to build on what I had done. I like the feeling of winning, and I wanted to do it again. I didn’t have a morning training session so I was hitting the track with a little extra in the legs. I needed every bit of extra I could find! The racing was hard fought and very fast with each of the 3 mass start races being won out of a break. I was able to make each of these breakaways and racked up a 4th, and a pair of 2nds.

My win for the night was funny in that it was a Flying 200 meter Time Trial. I remembered I had left my aero helmet at the track so I used it just to be a goof. I started my wind-up very late (it was my first F200, after all), but still pulled out the fastest 200 in Cat3 by .01 seconds. I won because I had my silly aero helmet on. The moral is that you should use the aero gear you have whenever you race because you never know when a race will be decided by .01 seconds.

Overall, another very good night of racing for me.

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