Spance: The melding of Spain and France.

Spench: The people inhabiting Spain and France.

The above is just the silliness that results from 24 hours of international travel that includes 12 hours of flight time and a lack of sleep.  We needed a word that was quicker to say than “Spain and France” when asked where we were headed.  The travel was uneventful except for the man in front of me that put his seat all the way back, and into my face, upon leaving O’Hare.  I was fortunate to find and commandeer a seat in Economy Plus after about an hour.

We were staying and racing in the Basque Region in Spain in Bilbao.  The terrain is very lumpy with steep climbs and vibrant green valleys.  The first day was sunny and 80, and humid!  I was looking forward to racing in my native conditions and would have welcomed hotter temperatures but it ended up raining and being pretty chilly by the time we got to the racing.

The hotel was a quaint little place a few miles outside Bilbao, it was pretty nice for a European hotel, and even had FREE WiFi (a Euro rarity).  The beds were small in a smaller room, though.  I was rooming with Sam and our beds were close enough that we started hitting each other one night, in our sleep.

A few days of rest, riding, and course recon brought us to the first day of racing…

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