April Camp: Part 1

April finds me in Chula Vista, CA at the OTC prepping for a pair of race series in Spain and France.  Road races and time trials, and my first road races in Europe.  These races are classified as P1 events which puts them a step below the World Cup races.  A rough equivalent from the Pro races in terms of importance would be Het Volk as there are points to be gained towards World Champs and the Paralympic Games.

This camp has brought together 20 bikes with a mix of National Team members and rising athletes in the program.  Most of us have started racing, but this camp is getting us ready as we bite into the meat of our season.  As with all of the Chula Camps, we started with a 10 mile TT over rolling terrain the first day.  Conditions were much better than in December and I rolled nearly 3 minutes faster this time around.

Day 2 was Team Time Trial work and was one of the most fun workouts I’ve done in a while.  I was riding with Sam, Greta, and Craig in what ended up being a very cohesive and fast group.  We were absolutely flying and didn’t need much verbal communication, it just worked.  It was a beautiful thing to be part of.

Day 3 was a handicap race along the TT course that finished up a long climb right after the TT course.  My group, the same from the TTT, decided to work for me along the flat sections and launch me up the climb.  It was another display of great teamwork, Craig, G, and Sam turned themselves inside out until the mountain became steep and provided a launch pad for me to catch the riders that had started before us.  I rode as hard as I dared and finally caught the last rider with less than a mile to go.  For I while I thought he might beat me, but I figured I owed it to the team for their great work.  I crossed the line pretty well shattered and very happy with the effort.

That brings us to today’s recovery day.  It’s much needed.

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