A Four Letter Word

You don’t have to cover your kids eyes because the word I’m about to write won’t get you a fine from the FCC and it’s not featured in a George Carlin comedy routine.


It’s not all bad and the story goes like this…

Ladd put together the first Blythewood ride of the year and it was supposed to be 60-70 miles, now my brain cuts this as 65 and this detail becomes important.  We rolled out under sunny skies and warm temperatures, I was wearing shorts and arm warmers so conditions were gorgeous.  I have only done base and tempo work to this point, but I was feeling pretty good and did quite a bit of work on the front.  A bunch of the other guys were feeling fast so the pace was very lively for a January ride.

My problem started at mile 55, I was hungry and ate my last granola bar so I was good for another 10 miles.  Mile 65 came and went and I was starting to nudge up against the wall.  Somewhere around mile 68 I went and slammed into the wall and watched the group ride away.  This is a lesson I have learned and guess I needed to learn again; always take more food than you need!  If I’d had more food I would have been fine.  Some rides end up longer than planned and that is something I should have prepared for.

This was my last big ride in Columbia, thanks guys!

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