Limits Vs. Limitations

One of the cool, and potentially dangerous, perks of frequently riding my bike for hours on end is that I have a lot of time to sort through my thoughts. My favorite time of year to do this is during the winter when my rides are longer, often done solo, and without specific tasks. There’s nothing else going on so I am free to think.
Yesterday I was thinking about my limitations. I have CP that affects how much I can do with my left hand and how I pedal with my left leg. What it does not do is set any kind of established limit for how fast I can get. My heart and my lungs function well and become more efficient the longer I ride. My heart, or desire, is strong, I’m willing to put in the work, I’m willing to suffer. I’m willing to trust those smarter than myself in the ways of training. These aspects of the cycling trade are completely untouched by my disability, and some are probably enhanced by my experience with CP.
I know my limitations but I do not know my limits. As I set and reach goals, I am constantly having to establish new goals. The funny thing about reaching goals is that the next one has to be bigger. My short term goals are now what used to be long term goals. My long term goals are getting pretty big, but my stretch goals scare me, in a good way. I figure that if I keep hitting my goals then I should let my imagination have a bit of leash. I concluded my ride while trying to figure out what my limits are, but I can’t, I just don’t know. I’m interested in find out.

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