My journey that started with a bus ride to Denver at 5AM Saturday, ended at 2PM when we got to the hotel, on Sunday.  It was a nearly uneventful journey, but our final descent into Manchester was quite a wild ride.  The clouds were low and the winds were high and swirling.  I must say that the English country-side is gorgeous, but back to the wind.  We landed on 1 wheel!  I raise my glass to our pilot for a job well done!  She wrestled the Airbus to the ground and a safe stop. 

Our hotel is on the small side, the rooms and beds are tiny so our bikes are being stored in large metal shipping containers outside.  The containers make a nice place to set up the trainers as they are cool but sheltered from the wind.

I am still trying to get on terms with the time difference, I am close, but not allowing myself to nap as I may hibernate back into the Mountain Time zone. 

There was a Track Cycling World Cup held over the past weekend at the Manchester Velodrome and several of the teams were staying in our hotel.  It was cool rub shoulders with the Pros.  I also saw a few of the Americans here.  I’d like to congratulate the women for getting Shelley Olds into the breakaway and into 3rd for a medal in the Scratch Race! 

Our first ride on the track will be tomorrow, I’ll be sure to bring the camera along.

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