My First “W”

I won a Mountain Bike Race last year and I wanted to win a road race this year.  I never made it happen, but I did manage to score a Victory on the Track.

I went to the San Diego Velodrome for my first night of Tuesday Night Racing in May.  I had nerves like no-one’s business during the warm-up, but they faded once we rolled off.  Category C was racing first that night and we were doing an 8-lap point-a -lap.  The first to cross the line each lap got 1 point and the racer with the most would win.  I sat in at first to get my bearings, and I realized the sprints were getting slower as the laps ticked by.  With 4 to go I attacked hard right after the sprint and had a straightaway gap at the line so I put my head down and stayed away ’till the end to claim the most points and the “W”.

I stayed in the C’s for 3 weeks and got a bunch of top 3’s but no more wins.  I moved up to the B’s and left California before I could get any placings against the faster fields.

Racing on the track is great because there are so many formats that you never do the same race twice in a night of racing.  It also teaches the importance of positioning with brutal honesty, which I am slowly learning.  I’m looking forward to doing more track racing next season.

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