My First Hour

I was looking back and realized I hadn’t wrote anything about my first successful 40km time trial.  I did one a year ago, but it was nothing to talk about with a time of 1:08.xx.

The California State TT Championships were held in late May on a rectangular course that was actually only 37-38km (I don’t remember exactly) because of the rectangle.  We arrived the night before and were up early to get to the course.  My warm-up was short because the line for registration was long and slow.  I question how hard it could be to process pre-regged people, but it must be harder than it looks.  In the end, a short warm-up for an hour TT isn’t the end of the world because I would use the first 5 minutes to get heated up.  I had borrowed a disc wheel and a deep front, so I was rolling in a much style as you can get on a road bike with clip on TT bars.

I started and settled down into a rhythm, I didn’t have a bike computer, so I was tracking progress with my stopwatch and the course markings.  The front stretch was a mostly flat 6-7 mile ribbon of asphalt in the Ca. dessert, it was also directly into a headwind.  I was caught and passed inside the first 5 minutes, but it was Thurlow Rodgers, a local legend and racing in a different class.  A check of the watch at the first turn and some quick math showed a promising result if I could keep the pace.

The backstretch had the only hill, but it was shallow and was a nice break from the aero bars.  With the wind at my back I was alternating between the 13 and 14 cogs at my customary 100+ TT cadence.  It was FAST.  When I got to the front stretch for a my trip to the finish line I knew I was going to have a good race as long as I didn’t bog down in the headwind.

I crossed the line somewhere in the 56:15 range, had the course been 40km I would have finished a few seconds under 1 hour.  I was very pleased with the way I rode, and I was thrilled to have my first “hour”.

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